"if you need advice on your hv electrical connections or you need to upgrade your hv or lv equipment such as switchgear or transformers, if you're developing renewable energy projects, whether that be wind, solar, gas or tidal we're here to help"

Welcome to TMS Grid Limited

TMS Grid Ltd is a specialist Power Engineering & Construction Consultancy which serves the UK and Overseas Electrical Grid and Infrastructure Markets.

What TMS Grid do

TMS Grid Ltd provides technical, process and regulatory advice to power generation developers who wish to connect renewable and non-renewable generation to the electricity grid. From your initial grid connection feasibility study, to electrical design and final compliance testing, Grid Connection Consulting can be there to assist you in every phase of your development.

Based in North East England, TMS Grid Ltd has worked with a number of developers acting as generation specialists, we have consulted on more than 20 renewable energy projects. These projects varied among Battery Storage, wind farms (both onshore and offshore), gas-peaking plants, PV solar farms, wave and tidal farms, and biomass stations. We have also consulted on a number of 1-132kV Demand Connections throughout the UK.

TMS Grid Ltd also provides technical due diligence advice to a number of banks, finance companies and developers.

Sectors We Serve

We operate in a number of adjacent market sectors such as Local and Community Energy, Industrial and Commercial, Retail, Energy, Transport, Renewable Power Generation, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Energy Storage, Future Energy Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging and Transmission & Distribution.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to suit the needs of the power industry, from construction, bog mat sales and hire to energy trading.

Our Products

We offer a number of the highest quality products for energy construction, from hermetically sealed transformers to the finest quality bog mats from sustainable sources.

Local and Community Energy

TMS is a specialist in supporting the development of energy generation and storage. We have extensive experience of delivering local and community scale projects throughout the UK.

This can include providing support in gaining access to funding, via routes including:

  • CARES (Scotland)
  • The Local Energy Challenge Fund (Scotland)
  • On-Farm Anaerobic Digestion Loan Fund (England)
  • Rural Community Energy Fund (England)
  • Crowd funding
  • Direct introductions to investors or developers.

TMS Grid Ltd can directly support landowners and communities from the outset of a project through to its successful operation. This begins with careful and detailed consideration of feasibility where we can advise on:

  • The suitability of a piece of land to host a development, taking into consideration all technical, environmental and socio-economic implications
  • The process of gaining planning consent and likely associated risks
  • The possible scale and form of development
  • Programmes of community engagement and stakeholder engagement
  • The likely costs of development, including construction, grid connection and planning costs
  • Available development routes and the relevant merits (e.g. self funded, lease of land, joint venture).

Following the initial feasibility stages of a project (which may be eligible to be funded by one of the schemes above), our expert chartered town planners, engineers and environmental consultants can support all stages of the development process.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to support you in bringing forward your project please telephone 0191 501 8605 or email us.

Meet the Team

Peter Eagle, managing director

Peter Eagle

Managing Director

Steve Taylor, Operations Director

Steve Taylor

Operations Director

Richard McCarron, Head of Power Solutions

Richard McCarron

Head of Power Solutions

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